Specialists in the hosting and management of legacy hardware and operating systems

About Us

We host and manage our customers non-supported, older, difficult to manage systems - which are often still mission critical to their business. We specialise in our approach and toolset to enable us to support this older hardware, where often the skills don’t exist anymore in the customers company to look after it.

Get more life out of your current hardware without needing to address the issue of a complicated migration of Software.


We’re a small team of experienced engineers, who have worked in IT for many years. We’ve all worked for at least one of the “big” system or software vendors of the last few decades - Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft and IBM amongst them. And we all worked in the support teams of those companies providing the back line support for many of the operating systems, server or storage products.

Hosting of Physical Hardware

We aren’t frightened of anything. We will host all legacy hardware including SPARC, RS6000, PA-RISC, DEC and of course x86. Storage arrays, SAN and other esoteric infrastructure can all be accommodated with the care and attention that this venerable hardware deserves. Management tools like out of band serial port terminal servers are standard equipment in our DC, and full network build tools such as Jumpstart (Solaris), Ignite-UX (HPUX), NIM (AIX) and PXE (x86) are available for lights out installations.

Legacy Operating System and Application Support

We are skilled and equipped to run practically any operating system or application. Using modern tools for system management we proactively monitor the applications and underlying hardware for service issues, resolving them quickly for you. We have a large library of server software available to ease installations and rebuilds of systems.

Moving old technologies to modern Virtualisation

If you want to remove your old hardware all together we can host Solaris Zones, AIX LPARs, and VMware Virtual Machines on our infrastructure saving you the cost of the physical support for your systems.